Message From General Director

10:19 14:04:2000


Dear Our Customers and Partners,

     On behalf of  Pho Yen Mechanical Joint Stock Company (FOMECO), we would like to send our best regard to valuable customers and partners. We highly appreciate your support and cooperation. We always try our best to make you satisfy.

     Pho Yen Mechanical Joint Stock Company (FOMECO), with highly-skilled employees and many modern pieces of equipment and machinery, has made many highly precise products. FOMECO products always satisfy customers’ needs in terms of quality, price and delivery service as well as after-sale services. The distribution channels of the company have been developed all over Vietnam and expanded to many foreign markets in the world.

     To employees, we have been working with philosophy: “Human is the most valuable property”. The dedicated and skilled staffs will provide the best products to customers. Therefore, we always record and respect each individual’s efforts and contribution in our success. Moreover, we have many training programs for all members and give them the best environment to get more skills. To customers, we try our best with heart and deep gratefulness with “Customer first” slogan. To partners, we always commit to cooperate and develop for mutual benefit.

     With the company’s strategy known as “Quality beyond expectations”, FOMECO has always tried to offer perfect service, best quality and high economic efficiency to our customers. FOMECO has been to become a leading supplier of ball bearings and mechanical products in Vietnam.

     We would like to express our sincere thanks for your cooperation and truth in FOMECO products. Warmly welcome to FOMECO!


                                                                                                              General Director

                                                                                                                  Ha The Dung   


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