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FISGO (Non Chromium)

FISGO coating metal finish is a chrome-free, high-grad anti-corrosion surface treatment technology which meets environmental standards. FISGO coating metal finish consists of 2 coatings; the zinc-flake rich paint basecoat, and the topcoat containing mainly an organic resin. FISGO coating metal finish (the copyright was registered by FOMECO) is non-volatile surface treatment technology. Therefore, it is highly effective for parts which offer high requirements of gradually destruction caused by evaporation in electrolytic galvanizing.

The performance advantages of FISGO are:

1. Superior corrosion resistance

● Corrosion resistance feature is higher level than electrolytic galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing.

● Durable under salt spray test for over 1,000 hours

● Complex cycle test: available for 100 cycles

● Creat protective coating as stainless steel.

2. Nonvolatile

● Not worried of evaporation caused by acid detergent occured in ordinary coating and electrolytic process

● Suitable for high-carbon steel treatment

3. To meet environment’s requests

● Free from RoHS directive six hazardous substance such as lead, cadmium and mercury including hexavalent and trivalent chromium.

4. Chemical resistance

Be optimal to withstand acidic rain

5. Reduce electrolytic corrosion

● Greatly reduce the corrosion caused by exposure to other alloys such as aluminum or steel-plated steel for high corrosion resistance

6. Be optimal for corrosion resistance at welded position

Be more optimal for corrosion resistance at welded in in comparison with other coating.

7. Low processing temperature

The baking temperature is 250°C which protects the products from metallographic changes.

8. Slidability: Low friction due to additional fluoride.

Main application

● Automobile & Motorcycle components such as bolts, nuts, rings…

● Construction parts such as Floor Post, fine bolt, supporting bar, connecting pipe…

● Pressed and forged parts

● Chains, and copper springs

● The metal parts which are exposed to aluminum parts

● Chrome-free surface treatment


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