Rubber Conveyor

Product code: BT-05


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– Rubber Conveyor system is the material handling system to bring high economic efficiency as compared to the same functional system. Rubber Conveyor system can install in all topography, distance.

-Length of rubber conveyor: 2.000 – 12.000 (mm)

– Width of rubber conveyor: 500 – 1.000 (mm)

– Height of rubber conveyor:  adjust

– Lead angle:   0-26º

– Speed adjust suitable with conveyor capacity: 5-30 (m/minute)

– Motor: Japan, Italy

– Material of conveyor frame: Steel frame with electrostatic painting surface

– Conveyor belt: rubber belt NN, EP … withstand the force

– Roller:  Steel, stainless steel, roller covers rubber …

– Control table: inverter, emergency stop button, pressing button ON/OFF …

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