Technology Standard

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FOMECO is using some material standard from Japan, China, Euro. For example: JIS, AISI, ASTM, DIN, CNS

 Processing standard:

One of FOMECO’s strengths is its closed production system, which allows it to provide quality products on a consistent basis. A team of 50 experienced engineers helps meet the customer’s strict demands, ranging from the design to production of dies and jigs.

1. Types of processing

We are able to meet demands for different types of processing, such as automatic wire cutting, discharge machining, drawing, bending, polishing, lathing, hot forge milling, pressing, and machining.

Additionally, in order to meet the needs of each customer, the company also develops specialized machinery to perform high-efficiency processing.

FOMECO can also perform gear-cutting processing: gears manufactured by FOMECO are used in motorcycles, construction machinery, forklifts, and agricultural machinery and equipment.

2. Mechanical Processing

FOMECO performs essential mechanical processing of products, including lathe processing and polishing. Our polishing capabilities include internal pipe polishing, external pipe polishing, wrapping, super-finishing, and groove polishing.

We own 80 polishing machines and produce different types of bearings for both Vietnamese and international markets.

3. Forging

Our factory contains stamping and pressing machines with capacities of up to 1000 tons and 16 kJ hydraulic hammers, allowing FOMECO to support products weighing from 0.1 kilograms to 100 kilograms. More than that, rolling line could be meet with max OD 160mmm.

4. Heat Treatment – Surface Treatment

We provide quenching, tempering, carburizing, annealing, and nitriding in order to deliver high durability products of hardness up to 65HRC.

Furthermore, FOMECO has also developed a management system and equipped itself with special equipment for surface treatments, including electrostatic powder coating, black oxide finishing, geomet, dacromet, hot-dip galvanizing, and more.

FOMECO is able to meet a wide range of customers’ demands for surface treatment thanks to its cooperation with local affiliates for galvanization and nickel-chrome plating.

5. Assembly – Testing bearing

Assembled bearings are released from the warehouse after being cleansed and tested for noise levels and roundness.

This is its closed production process that ranges from design and manufacture of molds to production of finished products in a short period of time while still maintaining consistent quality and competitive pricing.

6. Test Equipment

In order to conduct product quality assurance testing on a large scale, FOMECO has developed a quality management system and invested in a test and measurement center.


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