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One of Fomeco’s strengths is its closed production system, which allows it to provide quality products on a consistent basis. A team of 50 experienced engineers helps meet the customer’s strict demands, ranging from the design to production of dies and jigs.

FISGO (Non Chromium)

FISGO coating metal finish is a chrome-free, high-grad anti-corrosion surface treatment technology which meets environmental standards. FISGO coating metal finish consists of 2 coatings; the zinc-flake rich paint basecoat, and the topcoat containing mainly an organic resin. FISGO coating metal finish (the copyright was registered by FOMECO) is non-volatile surface treatment technology. Therefore, it is highly effective for parts which offer high requirements of gradually destruction caused by evaporation in electrolytic galvanizing.

The performance advantages of FISGO are:

1. Superior corrosion resistance
● Corrosion resistance feature is higher level than electrolytic galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing.
● Durable under salt spray test for over 1,000 hours
● Complex cycle test: available for 100 cycles
● Creat protective coating as stainless steel.

2. Nonvolatile
● Not worried of evaporation caused by acid detergent occured in ordinary coating and electrolytic process
● Suitable for high-carbon steel treatment

3. To meet environment’s requests
● Free from RoHS directive six hazardous substance such as lead, cadmium and mercury including hexavalent and trivalent chromium.

4. Chemical resistance
● Be optimal to withstand acidic rain

5. Reduce electrolytic corrosion
● Greatly reduce the corrosion caused by exposure to other alloys such as aluminum or steel-plated steel for high corrosion resistance

6. Be optimal for corrosion resistance at welded position
● Be more optimal for corrosion resistance at welded in in comparison with other coating.

7. Low processing temperature
● The baking temperature is 250°C which protects the products from metallographic changes.

8. Slidability: Low friction due to additional fluoride.

Main application
● Automobile & Motorcycle components such as bolts, nuts, rings…
● Construction parts such as Floor Post, fine bolt, supporting bar, connecting pipe…
● Pressed and forged parts
● Chains, and copper springs
● The metal parts which are exposed to aluminum parts
● Chrome-free surface treatment

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